Are you a female who needs tips for eating and living better? Perhaps you have tried to eat healthy in the past, but you may have eventually found yourself back eating unhealthy and frustrated. The same may be true for your exercise efforts. The following points can help you start over and be encouraged that this time it could actually work.

Transition into healthier eating habits.

At the start of a new effort to eat healthy, you may feel excited. However, as time moves on, your optimism may fizzle. This is because breaking unhealthy habits is usually a gradual process. Trying to do it "cold turkey" is too hard for some people. For example, if you want to become a vegetarian, giving up meat all at once might be difficult. You would likely have better success by starting with one day a week you follow a vegetarian diet, and each week add another day until you practice the lifestyle daily. Some people may even need to start out transitioning one meal a day. You have to use the approach that works best for your success.

Figure out which healthy foods you like.

Some people give up on their nutrition goals because they find the new foods they are eating boring or untasty. If you figure out the foods you like, you can find different ways to prepare them. Finding substitutes for your unhealthy favorites is also a good approach. For example, if you love mashed potatoes, mashed chickpeas is a good substitute. Instead of a fatty hamburger, consider a grilled chicken sandwich on a multigrain bun if you want meat. Portobello mushroom burgers or black bean burgers can be used as burger replacements for aspiring vegetarians. 

Allow yourself an occasional "cheat day" or indulgent snack.

Your previous efforts may have failed because you were too hard on yourself. If you eat healthy six days a week, you may be able to have one day that you can use as a cheat day. This does not mean that you need to go overboard with fatty and sugary foods, but you should give yourself permission to enjoy them on the specified day if you crave them. For example, if you love chocolate cake, have a slice or two on your cheat day. 

A blog for women's health is a good resource to use to get even more tips for womens nutrition. There are also online health coaches who can help you stay accountable and reach your health goals.